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Financial Intelligence for Busy People

Make sense of your money without spending endless hours categorizing transactions.


Introducing Yoyada, the simple, smart and secure way to manage your finances, that's also fun.


Distill your finances down to the one number that really matters.


Automation with sophisticated Machine Learning technology.


 Advanced encryption keeps your financial data confidential.

The One Number That Really Matters

Monthly Free Cash Flow

The key to creating wealth is generating positive cash flow month after month. With your Free Cash Forecast, you'll get a reliable prediction of your available cash after your financial obligations and regular spending.

Use this insight to make small (but mighty!) changes throughout the month and try to beat your projected number. It's the fun way to finance.

How much free cash will you have?


What Clients Say

"Yoyada is like a financial microscope that helps anyone balance cash flows on a daily basis."

"Yada" means to know.

Yoyada helps you gain knowledge and gives you the insights you need to create long- term wealth

A daily check in with Yoyada will change your financial life.

Yo Knowledge - Yoyada. 


Why Yoyada?

A new approach

Does the idea of a traditional budget make you cringe?  Us too. Budgeting can be a daunting task-- one that’s frustrating, overwhelming, and yet somehow also dreadfully boring.


And it can take f-o-r-e-v-e-r.

Still, managing your money is a pretty important task-- one that you really can’t ignore, especially if you have financial goals. That’s exactly why we created Yoyada.

With smart automations, advanced calculations, and unique social features, we’re not just raising the bar--
we’re changing the game.

Yoyada key features


Free Cash Forecasting

Get unique insight into the one number that creates wealth-- Free Cash Flow. Yoyada uses sophisticated AI making 100s of predictions to automatically generate your monthly Free Cash Forecast.


Planning Center

Planning a significant purchase? Vacation? Home? Car? Use Yoyada’s custom templates to plan for your next

big adventure.


Comprehensive Spending Analysis

Get a comprehensive view of your spending with all your transactions automatically categorized. Non-spending transactions are automatically separated, so you get a true view of your spending.


Subscription Identification

Tell those subscriptions you’re the boss. Yoyada identifies your recurring monthly subscriptions as well as those pesky off-cycle and quarterly subscriptions that are often overlooked.


Account Balances and Transactions

Safely link your financial institutions to view your transactions across all accounts or individually. Yoyada makes it quick and easy to get your big-picture financial overview and drill down to the specifics.

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