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Our Mission

To inspire financial curiosity, prosperity, and individual empowerment


We are building the world’s most engaging financial management experience powered by analytics and community insights creating a new breed of financial intelligence applications that inspire financial curiosity, prosperity, and individual empowerment.

Yoyada is a financial intelligence platform designed to bring together the best content from experts, unique financial insights from the community and advanced machine leaning technology providing a new and immersive money management experience.

The Need

Society is struggling with money.

  • 40% of US adults are considered financial illiterate costing them $1,400 annually

  • 63% of adults are living paycheck to paycheck

  • Inflation has hit a 40-year high crushing home budgets

  • Financial stress and anxiety are tearing apart relationships


Now more than ever people need help with their finances. That is why we are building Yoyada. We’re building Yoyada to help break the cycle that keeps people from getting and achieving financial wellness.

Yoyada helps by integrating three key domains knowledge, technology and data giving people the tools and support to succeed.

We believe:

  • You can learn finance

  • You can live a life free from the burden of day-to-day financial stress

  • You can break through and create long term wealth for yourself and your family

Our Partners

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